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Additional Informations

Here are some informations that were not available at the time of printing the program:


There is free Wifi at the Music Faculty as well as the Vincent-d'Indy Building.



  • Select the Wifi network UdeM-Visiteurs

  • Open your browser

  • Click on "Ou faites une demande d’accès en tant qu’invité" ("or ask for a guest access")

  • Enter your infos and click "Enregistrer" ("register")

  • Accept the general conditions

  • Click "Ouvrir la session" ("Log in")

  • Click "Accepter" ("Accept")

  • Click "Continuer" ("Continue")

  • Full instructions available here


Network: visiteurs

User: emvi

Password: visiteuremvi


Code to exit parking lots: 2229#

Additionnal parking available at Vincent-d'Indy.



Dear horn players,

I look forward to meeting you and hearing you play on July 27.

We will play the Rendez-vous de Chasse (Rossini) in the original key, horn in D.

I'd prefer everyone to play without the valves other than the D horn fingerings -12- so as to play it on the natural harmonics. It will also be easier for the transposition to play this way. We'll keep our hand in the bell, of course!

We'll play the Weber with the valves transposing in D or in A (3rd horn).

Select your part below and start practicing! It is opened to all players!

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing you all play!

Marjolaine Goulet

P­.S.: Don't forget your pencil!

Mass Horn Ensemble - Rehearsal on July 27 at 11 am

Humperdinck - Evening Prayer | All Parts

Weber - Freischütz | All parts

Cohen - Halleluja | Horns 1-2 | Horns 3-4 | Horn 5-6 | Horns 7-8

Rossini - Rendez-vous de chasse | Horn 1 | Horn 2 | Horn 3 | Horn 4

Youth Day Student Ensemble - Rehearsal on July 27 at 3 pm

Wagner - Quatuor d'opéra | Horn 1 | Horn 2 | Horn 3 | Horn 4



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